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Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

Our experience and comprehensive knowledge to design all types and sizes of electrical installations to suit our client’s needs, fully complying with the Spanish wiring & installation Regulations ( Reglamento Electrotécnico de Baja Tensión ) REBT 842/2002
Design solutions can be tailor made to our client’s requirements in a practical and cost effective manner.
In addition to designing your electrical Installation we also offer consultancy, project management, final Inspections / testing and a certification service.
With modern materials, a well installed and properly maintained electrical installation will give good and safe service for many years to come. Contrast this with the huge costs of having to renew every 10 – 15 years due to poor workmanship and lack of attention.

The 9 Plus Electrical Installations Service Van in Tenerife

What are the characteristics of an Electrical Installation?

An electrical installation consists of all the fixed electrical equipment that are supplied from the electricity Meter. It includes the cables that are usually concealed within the building fabric, accessories, such as socket outlets and switches, and the consumer unit that contains all the Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB’s ), Residual Current Devices (RCD’s ) & other protections.
The REBT 842/2002 states: ‘Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and erection of the electrical installation in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the electrical installation from fire or injury,
There are many factors that contribute to the making of a ‘good’ electrical Installation. For example the installation should have:

• Covers in place to ensure that fingers cannot inadvertently come into contact with live parts.
• Broken or damaged accessories should be replaced without delay.
• Adequate Socket Outlets for the number of portable appliances likely to be used, in order to minimise the need to use multi-socket adapters or extension leads.
• An RCD (residual current device) provides additional protection against electric shock.
• Adequate earthing and bonding arrangements. Earthing ensures that a RCD will operate fast enough to clear an electrical fault before it can cause danger of electric shock or fire, whilst bonding ensures that any electric shock risk is minimised until the fault is cleared.
• When considering 3 phase supply it is essential to have all loads as balanced as possible.
• A sufficient number of circuits to avoid danger of overload and minimise inconvenience in the event of a fault.

Schneider Control Units

Poorly Maintained Electrical Installations.

An electrical installation, once installed, can not simply be ignored. Over time, the installation will deteriorate, connections can work loose – presenting a fire hazard – people can be heavy handed whilst plugging in items of equipment or utilising accessories also building or maintenance work can have a detrimental effect on the wiring etc.

Some basic checks can be carried out by the owner, landlord or their agent, these checks include:

• Broken socket outlets and / or switches
• Signs of scorching around socket outlets due to overloading.
• Overheating of electrical equipment – usually associated with a strong fish-like smell.

Surface mounted metal fuseboard in Tenerife

Some of our Residential Services
• 24 hr Emergency call-outs & repairs,
• Interior & exterior lighting,
• Electric Vehicle Charging Points,
• Community Electrical Maintenance,
• PAT Testing – Portable Appliance Testing,
• LED Lighting voice and automation control,
• Demotics, SMART homes,
• Nuisance tripping, Rearming units, SI RCDs, Arco fault protection, AFDDs
• Full or partial rewiring of property,
• Lighting and power Installation / alterations,
• Garden / driveway lighting,
• Security ( lighting,Intruder alarms, CCTV )
• Main equipotential earthing & bonding upgrades,
• Home entertainment systems & cabling,
• Consumer unit ( fuse board ) upgrades,
• Fault finding,
• Mains or battery powered smoke alarms,
• New circuits,
• Kitchen appliances fitted,
• Building site temporary supply setup,
• Swimming pools, Saunas or Jacuzzi installations,
• And above all else safe and professionally installed.

Fase Uno Cafe, Torviscas

A Brief list of Commercial and Industrial Services
• Fault finding & equipotential earth bonding,
• Industrial socket outlets for general use or dedicated circuits,
• Three phase sockets for heavier loads,
• Machine supplies for specific requirements,
• Distribution board installation and extensions as required,
• General lighting requirements,
• Emergency lighting to regulated standard
• Security lighting for protection and insurance purposes,
• Loading bays and high bay area lighting,
• Wiring disconnection, documentation and reports,
• Temperature control and management
• Preventative maintenance including Thermal Imaging and reporting,
• Energy saving installations,
• New installations,
• Commissioning,
• Shop fitting single phase & 3 phase (230V/400V),
• Panel board, switchgear, transformers,
• Machine connection / relocation,
• Air conditioning wiring,
• Periodic and ongoing maintenance for communities,
• Fault finding on machines or other fixed equipment,
• Repairs and replacement of damaged accessories,
• Earthing system for volt free earthing or harmonic stabilization for recording studios, offices & computer circuits,
• Addition of RCD protection and automatic reconnection RCD´s (also RCD calibration testing),
• Extra sockets outlets,
• Lights converted to two-way or intermediate switching,
• Door entry / access & Intercom controls.
• Community & commercial maintenance.
• Obtaining balanced loads,
• Projects & plans for future works,
• Spike protection & lightening conductors.

Tenerife Self Storage

This is not a comprehensive list as we can cater for any of your electrical requirements.
If you have any questions or would like to speak with us regarding any electrical installations, please contact us we will be only happy to assist.
Instalaciones Eléctricas
9 Plus Instalaciones cuenta con la experiencia y amplio conocimiento para diseñar todos los tipos y tamaños de las instalaciones eléctricas para adaptarse a las necesidades de nuestros clientes, cumpliendo plenamente con el Reglamento Electrotécnico de Baja Tensión REBT 842/2002.
Los diseños pueden ser hechos a medida para los requerimientos de nuestros clientes de una forma práctica y efectiva.
Además de diseñar su instalación eléctrica, también ofrecemos consultoría, gestión de proyectos, inspecciones finales, comprobaciones y servicios de certificación.
Con materiales modernos, una correcta instalación y mantenimiento las instalaciones eléctricas darán un mejor servicio y seguridad.
Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta o le gustaría hablar con nosotros acerca de nuestros servicios de inspección y de comprobación, póngase en contacto con nosotros contactar con nosotros estaremos encantados de ayudarle.